Back in 1992, Tony Yarrow established a company called Wise Investment, its aim was to help private individuals manage their investments and financial affairs.

The company grew steadily over the years thanks to recommendations from existing clients and the growth of the fund management side of the business.

In 2016 the company underwent a formal organisational re-structure to enhance its operational focus and strengthen its internal risk management. The move reflected the growth across all parts of the business.

This led to the creation of The Oak Investment Partnership, which sits above three operating subsidiaries (called Partner Companies) known as Wise Investment Ltd, Wise Funds Ltd and Evenlode Investment Management Ltd.

The Partnership’s primary purpose is to provide a stable and long-term home for its Partner Companies, and ensure they focus on delivering an excellent and continually improving service to clients over the very long term

Employee Ownership

The Partnership became employee-owned back in May 2013. From the very beginning we have always believed in thinking long-term, we follow this mantra in our client’s investment portfolios and in the advice, we give to them. In being employee-owned we are adhering to it within our own company as well.

We believe the most important ‘asset’ we have is our people, both in terms of the ideas they have and the long-term relationships they build with other people both inside and outside of the organisation. Employee-ownership is a great way of nurturing and reinforcing a team-based culture and places individual responsibility at its core.

By becoming owners of The Oak Investment Partnership, we are saying to out clients ‘we will be here for you, for the long haul’.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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