As members of an employee-owned business, we each need to play our part in creating and developing a culture that ensures we look after our clients, our company and each other over the long term.

Our credo embodies these responsibilities:

Our first priority is our clients, and we aim to deliver an excellent and continuously improving service to both existing and new clients. We will also ensure that we charge a fair and reasonable price for the services we offer.

We build relationships based on honesty, respect, integrity and encouragement. We expect such behaviours from each and every Partner.

We communicate openly with each other and ensure that the voice of all Partners is heard. We will readily acknowledge mistakes and will always look to learn from them and improve.

We take responsibility for running the financial affairs of the business prudently, and always with an eye on the long term. We aim to maintain a healthy level of profitability, manage company spending carefully, and operate with a very strong balance sheet. This enables us to invest consistently in our company and our Partners.

We take responsibility for ensuring that we have a long-term positive impact on both the communities in which we operate and the wider society to which we belong.